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Activities at Finca Pereila

There are many activities around the area of the finca for you to try.

River Walks are very popular, we can advise you where to walk or even guide you in silent meditative river walks.

A walk to the Ermita is a must with its fabulous views and Western film set! The area behid the Ermita is a feria ground where once a year they have a big fiesta but for the rest of the time it looks like an abandoned film set from a western film.

There are many different walks in the area… tarmacced or trail with varying degrees of difficulty.

Bring your mountain bike or maybe rent one and try exploring the local countryside.

There are many attractions locally from Granada and the Alhambra Palace to the Breathtaking Caminito del Ray (Kings Walk) in the El Chorro Gorge.

Maybe followed by a day of watersports in the local reservoirs or a trip to see the waterfall at Barranco Blanco.

Malaga is a cultural hub for the area and is a must visit with many attractions.

And of course Marbella and its ‘Old Town’ area or the yaughts and jet set of Puerto Banus.

Art 11

Art with Birgit

I did my education at the Art Academy in Utrecht and Arnhem – The Netherlands.

The emphasis was on making my own visual work, but I also had theoretical lessons in art history, art appreciation, teaching methodology, psychology, philosophy and I did an internship at 2 secundary schools where I taught art classes. After I finished my education I taught for 1 year at a secundary school and noticed that I loved teaching, but not within a school structure. Since 1999 I always taught drawing and painting classes in different places to motivated people of all ages. From 2004 I had a beautiful large space available under my art studio in the center of Nijmegen, where I taught until I imigrated to Spain in 2013. I taught all kins of classes: beginners classes, portrait painting, nude model drawing and -painting and open art studio classes. It is a nice challenge to guide every pupil’s own visual language. You choose your own subjects, use of colours, materials, techniques. Do you prefer to work abstractly or figuratively and should your artwork be large and monumental or small and intimate? Do you work intuitively, from a story, music, a theme, a dream, a picture, everything is possible and we strive for ‘uniqueness’. Since I live in Spain I also taught art classes when I was living in Granada and here in Finca Pereila. What could be more wonderful as letting go all your daily worries and fully concentrate on enjoying making art in this little quiet paradise in the middle of nature?! If you stay here as guest it is possible to arrange one or more sessions together with me.

Would you like to see my art? Take a look at my website:

If you would like to know more about my art classes, take a look at Instagram @artclasseswithbirgit or FB Art Classes with Birgit

Yoga with David

Following a distinct change of life event i found myself in India studying Yoga in the traditional Hatha style.

After a month in an Ashram passing the 200Hr intensive course in Hatha Yoga i spent a further 2 months in Rishikesh studying at various ashrams learning different syles and families of yoga.

This gives me along with the fundamental Hatha style a greater understanding of the importance of correct alignment from Iyengar Yoga. The art of movement from Vinyasa and Ashtanga, leading to the realisation of the importance of stillness, breath and deeper meditation.

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